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First time I went up on stage


A childhood incident   -- First time I went up on stage


 It was a rainy June morning, a Sunday, I was hardly four years by then. I was sitting in my room with my friend when I got a call from my aunt. She asked me to join her to attend a cultural program which was taking place in the nearest town. She was one of the organizers of that cultural event. At that time my father was the branch manager of a bank in that town. That is why we shifted from our village to that town. I had still not fallen in love with the new town or with my nursery school. I never found any teachers inspiring. I want to be with my grandparents in our village. I am not interested in anything and felt extremely boring.


She called me again, it was a holiday as I was always feeling bored so I decided to accompany her. After a quick bath, I put on my favorite blue frock. She took me to the venue. To be frank, at that time I was very shy and completely introverted. I was not a singer, but in the evenings after our prayer usually father, mother, aunt, and I together we have formed an orchestra. I knew only one or two prayer songs and always repeated them again and again.


We reached there at 10’O clock. Then only I came to know that my favorite child artist baby Shalini is the chief guest. She was invited to preside over the function. Around noon one of the organizers looked worried, she spoke to my aunt and turned her eyes on me. I came to know that a little singer who was supposed to sing the prayer song was admitted to the hospital as she was down with a high fever. She asked my aunt whether I would be able to sing a prayer song.

My aunt turned to me, I got nervous, sprinting as fast as I can, I hopped into my aunt’s car. I don’t know how to handle the situation. I was scared of the crowd or audience, confidence in handling the stage was zero. My father, mother, and aunt tried to calm me. According to my father, I am a good singer. One of the organizers reminds me that no one is perfect. They asked me to think of God in my mind. After being trained for an hour, I was ready.


Around 5’O clock in the evening, my favorite child artist reached, she entered the stage flanked by the president and secretary of the cultural event. The function started with my prayer song, my aunt took me to the stage. I simply could not believe that I was so close to my favorite artist. When she caught sight of me, there was an exchange of smiles.


Before the huge crowd, in front of the mike, I slowly close my eyes and think of my God and pray. There was nothing wrong with that because it was a prayer song. Then, no one is in front of me or I can’t see anyone. I started, even today I don’t know how I had completed the prayer song. After the prayer song, I opened my eyes, when I got down from the stage, my father hugged me and said that I had performed well.


One of the organizers reached for his pocket and gave me chocolate. I was very happy. Meanwhile, the artist just kept smiling at me. Next, it was time for the welcome speech, when the speech was going on, fortunately, I got the opportunity to welcome the artist by gifting her a bouquet. When I handed over it to her she thanked me. I was in high spirits when she shook my hand and a picture was clicked with her. Last, of all, she made a small speech. For nearly ten minutes we all lost in her first film, director, locations, her family, and latest film news.


After that, the Secretary thanked the chief guest and the function came to an end. Now I completely change my mind. Whenever I recollect this incident I laugh at my foolishness, I wonder if I had been a little smart, how much appreciation would I have scored.

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