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A Friend in need is a Friend indeed--Proverb Expansion

A Friend in Need is a Friend indeed

All of us have friends. Some of us are blessed with hundreds and thousands, but when there arises an urgent need we find ourselves deserted by most of them. That is life. The qualities of a good friend are honesty, protection, help, respect, open-heartedness, support, acceptance and respect, comfort, trustworthiness, loyalty, etc.  

Whenever you want to know the number of your true friends, don’t start counting them, drop a tear and count how many hands reach to wipe it, that is true friendship. We can’t analyze the legitimacy of our friendship on the consideration of what he or she does when we are happy and free from problems. On the other hand, it can be identified only from their approach to us when we are in trouble.

Like in any other relationship, in friendship also communication is the lifeline, so remain in touch with them. But it does not mean, they must be always with you. Good friends don't need to be always with us or meet regularly.

Look at the lines of a railway track, they never meet, they never cross. But they always go a long way together. True friends are like this they will be always with us not only in our happiness as well as in our sorrows. The presence of a true friend makes our life beautiful and the most complicated things seem so simple.

A true friend is just like a star. It constantly shines but we often don’t see him until the testing periods come in our life. When we are in prosperity many people may accompany us and act as our well-wishers, we couldn’t separate the sheep from the goats among these ones.

Some of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Don’t think having a large number of friends is wealth. When some misfortune befalls us, all those who acted as our dearest ones will abandon us. Only a good friend will unconditionally accept you, as you are, and offer us honest feedback, even if it may hurt us.

True friends are a gift from God, so, attach them close to your heart. A true friend guides you through the right path and creates a loving atmosphere around you. Many people act as our friends but only a few will offer a helping hand in our necessities. Don’t feel guilty about being a taker, giving and taking are part of a friendship.

A true friend is a friend who never misuses you, never says ‘no’ when you really needed him. You feel accepted and respected in the presence of a good friend. Choosing the right friend from the pool is not an easy one, be careful, think twice before selecting a friend. One good friend is better than a thousand wicked friends.

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