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My friendship with Animals

     My Friendship with Animals     


 The friendship between man and the animal can be marked back to the early stage of civilization or even before that. Ever since his origin on this globe man has been taking advantage of animals in many ways and has an intimate relationship with them. Most often there are a few animals who stick around human beings for a long time or their entire life. Arguably, one of the popular household pet cats has been known as highly social, gentle, and friendly. Though cats are considered as friendliest pets, stories or incidents of strong faithfulness and loyalty amongst them have been fewer in history compared with that of dogs. Not only cats and dogs but cows, goats, buffaloes, bullocks, hens, rabbits, ducks, donkeys, horses, etc. are also our animal friends.

Bonnie--My Pet Dog 

My friendship with animals started when my father brought ‘Bonnie’ (the name of my pet dog) to our house two years ago. Soon it becomes part of our family. The dog has been a part of our culture for hundreds of years. Why do we value dogs so much? First, it has an inborn liking for the man. No other animal loves you double if you give them love or love its owner more than its body. We also value dogs because they are very easy to tend to. The presence of a dog gives us safety as we are under the protection of a security guard. How carefully he watched our house and surroundings when we were sleeping.


In the morning when I wake up he welcomes me with his naughty gesture. I really wondered about his great sense of hearing, even if I open the door carefully and quietly before I step out of my room, he is underfoot. As a greeting or to show his love, he will start rubbing his face against my leg.  Sometimes he seems to be a magician, he knows where I would go first. Sometimes I move to the balcony or to the backyard for brushing. Just by taking a glance at me he reads my mind and leads me to the balcony or near to the pipe in the backyard. If anyone in our house is not well or suffering from any stress, he knows exactly.

He must bring the newspaper from the gate where the newspaper boy has thrown it and transmit it to my father. When my father is going through the news he sits near the chair and keeps an eye on him. Physical distance norms will be thrown into the air when my brother wakes up. It is his habit to wish Bonnie by giving a shaking hand to him and gently stroking his face and body. According to him, stroking pets reduces his stress and improves his mood, it is one of his ways to relaxation and happiness. Every evening, when I return from school he waits for me at the gate.

 When it comes to the food that he enjoyed most, perhaps chicken and bread will be on the top. Eggs and pedigree make a great snack for him. He will look at my mother lovingly and hopefully when she opens the pedigree bowl. Sometimes he licks on the floor and runs around her to get her attention. He accompanies us in our morning walk, he is always one or two meters ahead of us.

Dogs usually make wonderful and excellent pets. Do you know, with their unique senses and intelligence they are part of our law and order? Dogs work with police officers, help to solve crimes, and have saved a lot of lives. These kind and loving pets have a unique skill to make us more social and make us love them. They forgive everything and never leave us alone. They do a great help in fighting against loneliness.


Undeniably the friendship between man and animals is beneficial for man in many ways. Animals love us unconditionally, they immensely love their owners. They don’t care how rich we are or what is our social status. Sometimes friendship with a man has been broken by a sudden rush of emotions. But our animal friends, especially dogs will never leave us even in our hardships. Do not harm these animals, this universe is not for human beings only but for them also. To conclude, our animal friends bring love, joy, security, and a sense of belonging to our lives without any cost, completely free.

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