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Trees are Green Gold

Trees are Green Gold        


One of the best creations of God is the tree, trees are treasure troves. One of the matters of great concern in our contemporary life is the overconsumption of natural resources like trees and forests. Having been born as human beings, we do have the responsibility to live as a human. Nature’s boon, the forest is a heritage not to be slaughtered mercilessly to satisfy the requirements of human beings, it must be conserved. But what we are doing to Mother Nature today? Today we are probably at the most difficult phase of our relationship with Mother Nature.


Now- a -days one of the most serious problems that has caught the eye of the globe is increasing deforestation. The problem of deforestation and the fight against deforestation have been there for decades, but the magnitude of the problem is less alarming compared to these days. some people have a misconception that natural resources are unlimited or, that the Earth is a big place, but one individual like me does not harm it very much. This attitude is not correct, each and everyone has a responsibility to the land where he or she was born and brought up. Are there reasons to worry about our overuse of trees? Yes, if there are no trees, there will be no life on Earth.


Did you ever think of the free gifts and silent office these trees have been doing for us? Ever since his appearance on this planet, man has been using the priceless gifts of trees without restraint. Survival on the Earth is possible only because of trees and plants, from oxygen to many other things which are required in our day-to-day life are the gifts of trees. Clothes, furniture, grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits, medicines, wood for houses and industries, etc. are some of them. Besides, the trees conserve water, preserve soil, provide shade, give us attractive scenery, and support wildlife, the list is endless.


The forest can boast of giving many services and contributions to us. It is not just home to plants and animals, it benefits health by supplying fresh air and absorbing pollutants from the environment. The forest is additionally called the lungs of the planet. By maintaining the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere they do a great job for the environment. Most of us do not like to live in concrete jungles but in green surroundings. Considering all these facts, can’t we say that our flora is one of the valuable treasures and trees possess more valuable things than Gold. 


We have a lot to learn from this Green Gold, these silent trees create no noise, no problems, no protests, no complaints, and with no demand, these food factories of the globe are working efficiently. We have a responsibility to Mother Nature by giving protection to trees, the way trees protect us. It is time to think about what we can do to preserve our trees and forests. We should cut down trees only if it is required. If we cut one tree, we must plant a minimum of ten saplings in its place. Let’s all make joint ventures to make Mother Nature as pure as before and try to maintain a healthy relationship between mother and child between Nature and Man. 


To conclude, the question of how I can benefit from these trees is of only secondary importance considering how I should preserve trees and protect my environment. This awareness will be our greatest defense against deforestation. Next time, when you are searching for a birthday gift for your loved one, consider one of your favorite saplings as a gift. The most valuable gift you will be going to receive is also a sapling. It is time to develop a ‘Tree Culture’.


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