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Autobiography of an Umbrella


This is my story

 It was in a building called Poppy Umbrella Mart that I was born. The material from which I was made was a nylon fabric. As I was made from nylon fabric, my parent was a long piece of nylon fabric. During the manufacturing process in the manufacturing unit, I was cut into the desired shape and attached to the shaft. In fact, the ribs give me my shape and structure.  There is a push button in me that opens automatically. As a result of the entire process, this shape was taken. Then we were packed and taken to the town's biggest mall. That's how I ended up at the glass shelf at the right end of the shop. I was waiting my turn on the glass shelf of that shop, and some of those who came with me were bought off by someone. My active life began when I was bought by an old gentleman.

My active life began


One day an old gentleman came into that shop and looked around as if looking for someone. It was clear that he had come to buy an umbrella but I thought he would not choose me. Because he is an old man, I thought he would choose a long-shaped umbrella with a curved handle. But he looked at me and asked the salesman for me. He took me in his arms and looked back and forth, then asked the salesman how to open and close me. He opened and closed me and made sure that there was nothing wrong. I could tell from the look on his face that he liked me and was satisfied.


He presented me to his granddaughter


I wasn't with him for a long time because he presented me to his granddaughter on her birthday. He put me in a gift box wrapped with beautiful paper and presented me to his granddaughter.  the little girl was so pleased with me that she shut me in her new school bag and placed it in her cupboard. I continued there closed for about one month. Until her school opened, I rested in that cupboard.  My new little mistress, to my fortune, was an enthusiastic girl. Wherever she goes, she takes me with her.

 About my ancestors 

If I talk about the origin of my ancestors, we have existed here for about four thousand years. My current nickname 'Umbrella' is derived from the Latin word 'Umbra' meaning shadow or shade. In the time of our great-grandfathers, it is said that we could not be used by all. Only kings and those holding such important positions were allowed to use us. But that's not the case today, everyone can use me, which makes me very happy. In ancient times we were not made of cloth like this. Feathers, leaves, and other materials were used to make us. There was also a difference in appearance. Today I am available in many sizes, colors, and fashions.

Benefits from me to you


Now let me tell you what kind of help I am doing for you. Don't think it's bragging. I protect you from rain, sun, and snow. right? I'm also built very strong for use in windy conditions, so I can safely protect you without the umbrella closing in the wind. Some grandfathers use me as a crutch, for which they choose long umbrellas with curved handles. I am very happy to be their eternal companion, support them wherever they go, and keep them from falling. While old people use a long umbrella, some use two folded umbrellas. But for some people, even that is not enough, they are using me three times and four times folding now. So, what's interesting is that they can now keep me in a small purse.

I am available in various colors, patterns, and sizes. Made in different colors and patterns, I am used in many fashion shows and dances. There is a dance called the umbrella dance. I am very proud and indescribably happy to be dancing with them in the arms of the dancers who are stepping so beautifully. I present before you in a plain color, plain design, multicolor, and in many designs, but I think most of you prefer the black umbrella which is the medium size. Right?

My favors to you are not over. How happy the housewives are when the sun shines in the rainy season. What's the matter? All the clothes that are piled up inside the house without drying can be heated in the sun. Keep me upright and spread some small clothes like socks, towels, underwear, etc. outside me. It can be dried as well. It dries faster than hanging it on the rope. Give it a try. I am an indispensable part of festivals in Churches and festivals in Temples. Have you ever seen devotees moving in rows holding beautifully decorated umbrellas with pearls? Not only that, decorated umbrellas to welcome the chief guest are a regular sight at any function.

My life in this house


If I talk about my life in this house, I am very happy. My owner is a little girl. Wherever she goes, she takes me with her. I protect her from the heat of the sun and rain. She treats me very well too. If I came drenched in rain, she would make me stand up in a corner of the hall to dry off. After drying, she folds me very nicely and keeps me in the bag. But once she made a mistake. That's when I really understood her love for me. One day she forgot me at a cool bar. She had come to eat ice cream with her uncle and aunty. She forgot to take me who was at the table while leaving. When she didn't pick me up, I was also worried. Just as I was wondering what to do next, I saw her running and coming to me. How happy she was when she saw me. I swelled with joy as she picked me up and gave me a kiss. I want to be with her forever.

But I have a little sadness 

What bothers me the most is though I protect you from getting wet in the rain, after rain many of you don't like a wet umbrella. And my place is out. Some keep me away from them. But the relief is that now there is a solution for that too. Many companies provide plastic bags with umbrellas to store wet umbrellas. So, you don't have to worry about getting wet once the rain is over because I'm locked in it. So that problem was also solved. Now tell me, can you find a better companion than me?

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