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COVID-19 situation is deteriorating from bad to worse with each passing day. We have never gone through or witnessed this type of situation. The pandemic is swallowing precious lives globally in an unprecedented manner. For many of us, the last year has been a painful year, a year of great challenge and struggle for those who endured the untimely loss of their dear and near. We are running out of hospitals and ventilators. The dead are dead and every day we are missing our dear ones. We suffered, we learned and we changed a lot.

What is COVID 19?

COVID 19 is a highly infectious disease but its mortality rate is quite low compared with other pandemics in the past, including Ebola, smallpox, and SARS. It commonly affects older people and those with heart problems or people suffering from severe medical conditions. The most common symptoms are fever, dry cough, and tiredness. Less common symptoms are aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, a rash on the skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes. Sometimes, serious symptoms like difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech or movement. Though there is nothing in a name, the expansion of COVID: ‘CO’ stands for corona, ‘VI’ stands for the virus, and ‘D’ for disease. In the initial stage, this disease was known as ‘Corona”. 

COVID 19 Vaccines

In order to tackle the COVID-19 crisis and re-establish normality, the development of a safe and effective vaccine against corona is very important. If 2020 was the year of discovery of COVID-19 vaccines, 2021 will be the year we face the challenge of getting them to people across the world who most need them.  India unveiled its vaccine against the dreaded coronavirus, which claimed millions of lives globally and thousands of lives in our country. Named Covishiled and Covaxin, they have been manufactured by pharmaceutical majors. Indian-made vaccines Covishield and Covaxin were rolled out on January 16 across India to inoculate healthcare workers and frontline workers in the first phase.

Covaxin is produced under a collaboration between Bharath Biotech and the Indian Council of Medical research.

Covishield is developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University with the Serum Institute of India.


Who should NOT receive a COVID 19 Vaccine 


As per information released by the company, Covaxin should not be given to pregnant and lactating women, individuals with a history of allergies, those who have a fever, etc.

The following individuals should talk to their health care provider: those with a history of allergies, those who have a fever, has a bleeding disorder, should not be used by people who have had a severe allergic reaction to any ingredient of the vaccine.

Side effects of the Vaccine 

According to company information, common side effects of the vaccine include tenderness, pain, redness, itching, headache, joint pain or muscle ache, a lump at the injection site, fever, vomiting, and flu-like symptoms. The uncommon side effects of the vaccine are feeling dizzy, decreased appetite, abdominal pain, enlarged lymph nodes, excessive sweating, etc. Apart from this, Covaxin, in rare cases, can also cause a severe allergic reaction.

What should be done in case of side effects?

It is advised that you call a health care provider if you have any side effects that bother you or which do not go away. Those who experience a severe allergic reaction must go to the nearest hospital.


After vaccination

Both the vaccine makers note that receiving the vaccines does not mean that other precautions against COVID 19 need not be followed.

Even after receiving your vaccine shot, you still need to practice COVID-19 appropriate behavior. Because Vaccines usually take up to 2 weeks to develop antibodies.

Remember it takes two weeks after the second dose – or six weeks from the date of the first dose, to confer immunity against COVID and have an impact on the epidemic curve.

Another thing, the pandemic is not over.

A vast majority of people are still to be vaccinated and are vulnerable to the virus.

Wear a mask, maintain physical distance, and hand wash with soap.

Second Wave

Now we are under the grip of the second wave. According to the latest reports, the second wave of COVID 19 is getting strong. This time it has appeared with more energy and tactics. In addition to older symptoms, new symptoms like pink eyes, loose motions, and hearing impairment are detected in the second wave. This time, the pandemic is affecting children and younger people more compared to the first wave. In the second wave, it directly affects the lungs and takes less time to get to the extreme. Unfortunately, the death rate is also higher.

The pandemic has taught us many lessons and opened our minds to new ways of doing things. everything seems uncertain now. The most important principle to protect oneself and others against COVID 19 is to follow basic principles of hygiene and physical distancing. To fight against COVID-19, Our biggest weapons are masks and sanitizers.

People should wear a properly fitting mask, covering the nose and mouth.

 It should not be removed at any time while they are out of the house.

Ensure that your mouth and nose are fully covered.

Ensure you do not have any difficulty in breathing while the mask is on

Do not touch the front of your mask with your hands.

Children should not be taken along with adults when going out.

People who neglect to wear masks in public and do not follow physical distancing norms violate the fundamental rights of others amid the COVID 19 pandemic. Not using masks flouts fundamental rights.


If someone is sick with Covid 19 in your household 

Isolate the sick person

Prepare a separate room or isolated space, and keep distance from others.

Keep the room well ventilated and open windows frequently.

Monitor the sick person’s symptoms regularly. ensure the sick person rests and stays hydrated.

Use separate dishes, cups, eating utensils, and bedding for the sick person.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

 COVID-19 is still here with a worrisome and negative impact around the globe. If every individual is to take utmost care in maintaining all safety precautions, Covid can be detained within months. Our govt. and the medical sector is focusing its abilities on creating hope rather than worrying about the negatives.  The five best ways to protect ourselves from this current threat and any that may follow are:

Avoid crowded places.

Wear a face mask.

 Wash our hands often, remember cleanliness is next to godliness.

Maintain physical distance.

Get immunized as early as possible. 


As we take the long road to recovery, it, however, appears that not everything will go back to what it was. some things may be changed forever. We don’t know, when this virus may leave out, or will it be a permanent part of our lives from now onwards? Our hopes and desires are being crushed daily by the COVID 19 pandemic. What we have learned is, any disturbance in ecological balance and the health of species may come with a heavy price. Such imbalance may lead to an animal to human transmission of serious infectious diseases and a threat to the fabric of social-cultural and economic stability of mankind.  Countries with a huge population with low hygienic conditions coupled with a lack of awareness of the diseases face a serious challenge when an epidemic breaks out. Life isn’t about waiting for the pandemic to pass; it’s about learning to dance with the present rhythm.

Follow the guidelines.

Stay Home.

Stay Healthy.

Stay Safe.



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