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Importance of Physical Exercise

 Importance of Physical Exercise


 Some of our children are excessively devoted to their studies and some others are excessively devoted to plays. Both of them are not good. In today’s world, physical exercises have become a necessity because our children spend a lot of time in front of the television, computer, or mobile and this leads to obesity and misbehaviors. Disciplining them might be exhausting for parents. Parents can discuss with their children the harmful effects of long screen time. 

Our modern lifestyle and food habits create a lot of problems. Our ancestors had great difficulty in procuring food, ours now is what to select and eat. Our children’s day started with bakery items, pizza, burgers, and a lot more junk food. The importance of physical exercise and the health hazards of junk food should be taught to kids. From a tender age, he/she should know what is good and healthy for their body. 

Encouraging children to be physically active is a necessity these days. Physical exercise helps to make our body fit and keep certain diseases away from us. Sports and games make our children energetic and help them to concentrate on their studies. In the absence of a sound physique, their mental power will be in danger. Physical exercises electrify and animate the body. Besides, the brain, the most important part of the human system functions well with greater efficiency.


Today different types of games and sports are known to us. When we play football or volleyball our body system works in full vigor. The playground is a piece of land where team spirit and coordination are developed in our children. In a playground, we should not lose heart, if we fail. We should take winning or lose with a sportive spirit. Discipline, self-control, confidence, and determination are imbibed in our children through sports and games. In this way, we can say a playground is also a school teaching us an organized and systemized way of life.

A morning walk is good for all sorts of people. It is also a physical exercise. What can be a better way than a morning walk to start a fresh day?  If you begin cultivating the habit of morning walk, it will do you good all through your life. Though it is a light exercise, it is highly beneficial for physical fitness. Our lungs are provided with fresh air, that is why it is recommended by doctors. The morning walk will contribute greatly to our physical and mental health. Physical health and mental health are related to each- other, their mutual influence is a natural phenomenon.

Another one is yoga, practicing yoga helps to achieve better concentration power. It is said that the intelligence of our children can be increased by practicing yoga. Schools should think of allotting at least one period per week for practicing yoga. Certain Asanas are used as medicine to cure bodily discomforts. Some Asanas tone up our muscles, some others increase the blood flow in our body. Meditation is also a kind of yoga that helps to improve concentration.

Dance is also a physical exercise. Those who are interested in dance can practice daily. If you engage in dance for twenty minutes daily, that is enough for better heart health and stronger muscles. It is the moral duty of parents and teachers to show children the road to a healthy life. Parents should make children a part of their lives just like participating in washing, cleaning, walking up the stairs than using a lift, and so on. Only healthy children can become healthy citizens of tomorrow. Schools can make physical exercise compulsory for all. Physical exercises are essential for the all-around development of the personality of children. Let children regain the freedom to play. They will concentrate on their studies in a much better manner than what they are doing presently.

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