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Home is the best

 East or West Home is the Best

There is no place like our home. It refers to the importance and value of blood relations in human life. Home and house are entirely different. A house is just a building but a home is a place where you live with your parents and siblings. Parents and siblings are the only ones who love us unconditionally without judgment and expectations.

Home is the only place that makes you feel comfortable, secure, and enjoyable, and here we are being loved, respected, welcomed, and cared for. It is the only place where we are surrounded by people we love and who love us. Home is the only place where we can do everything in a way that our heart feels. That is why we say home is the best.

However, sometimes we need to leave our home for many reasons, for higher studies, for a job or to travel, all these times we constantly think about our home. A wave of nostalgia haunts us every time. Homesickness does not spare anyone. We long for the tasty dishes made by Mom — everyone has an insane attachment to homemade food.

Then, love and care for our father, this love is the backbone of our home and what makes our house a home. The funny moments with our siblings are other memories. After a long time, when we reached our home, Its environment rejuvenated us as if we had drunk a cup of pure milk or a sip of cool fresh tender coconut water amid contaminated foods and drinks.

Our home is the only best place that comes without questions, a heaven that is waiting for us and belongs to us. If anything that feels just right deep inside our hearts, that is our own home. It is a feeling of security and a state of mind. Many say home is where their heart is, it is because home is the only place where your heart is filled with positive energy.

Our own room maybe small or large, well-furnished and attached or not, our old books, clothes, and whatever things belong to us at home, are all attached to some of our memories. East or West Home is the best. It is the only place that gives us a feeling of our own people or ‘my people.’ The smiling face of mom, welcoming hands of the father, support of siblings all these lovely moments are part of the home. Let us create wonderful memories with our home, today and coming tomorrow.

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