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The Lion and the Rabbit

A furious lion—issued an order—an animal a day—anyone disobeys---punished—so many animals killed---clever rabbit—his turn--another lion in the well—angry lion jumped into the well—animals lived happily.

The Lion and the Rabbit 

It happened many years ago, in a thick forest, lived a mighty big lion. He was so cruel, that all the animals feared him. Being an unquestioned leader, one day he proclaimed an order that, each day an animal should come to his den for his feast. Those who disobey will be killed at once.

The next day onwards one of the animals went into the lion’s palace. Thus comes our rabbit’s turn. 

Actually, he was trembling, plucking up courage, he went down on his belly and bowed before the lion, “Your Highness, you are a brave and fearsome creature-the king of the jungle”, he continued, “On my way, I saw another lion in the well near that old banyan tree”.

  “Another lion in my kingdom,” asked the lion angrily, Looking into the red eyes of the lion, he continued, when he saw me, he said, “Tell that fool I am waiting for him.” The lion was determined to get to the bottom of the matter. “Come on, I want to meet him at once”, The lion ordered the rabbit.

 “My Highness,” answered the rabbit in a shaking voice, “He is so furious, be careful” “Oh ho, I am more furious than him”, Come on let’s go. The clever rabbit led the lion to the well.
Sprang on the well and the lion peeped into it. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he saw his image and thought it was another lion. He roared angrily and jumped into the well to attack him. 

Poor hero, there was no lion, he struggled hard to get out of the well, all in vain. It was a deep well of more than half water. The clever rabbit was praised by all the other animals in the forest, and all of them lived happily ever after.

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