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The Wise Monkey Leader

Thick forest—midst a pond --happy animals—a wicked giant—hide in the pond—number of animals reduced—one day--a tribe of monkeys— feel thirsty--wise leader—footprints towards pond—none of them back—suspicious—bamboo trees—think of an idea—a band of monkeys sipping water—giant felt ashamed—leave the forest


                    The Wise Monkey Leader

 Many, many years ago, deep in the jungle, there was a pond filled with clean fresh, and tasty water. There, many animals lived very happily. On a summer morning, a wicked giant entered the forest without being noticed by anyone and hide in the pond. When the thirsty animals came to drink water, the giant would attack them to make a meal of it. Many animals were carried off by the giant.

 One day a tribe of monkeys came to the forest. A young naughty one among them rushed to the pond. But the leader of the tribe said, “I will go into”. As he went closer to the pond, he noticed many footprints towards the pond but none of them coming from there. He smelled a rat. “Be careful”, he said to the entire group. “Something is wrong with the pond”. “But we all are thirsty, what can we do now”, they asked. “Wait” saying and looking around his eyes lit up. 

One side of the pond was covered with thick bamboo shoots. He plucked one of the bamboo shoots, put one end into the pond, and the other end into his mouth. He sucked hard and the water flows into his mouth. “What a wonderful idea”, chattered the monkeys happily. One by one the whole band of monkeys enjoyed the tasty water of the pond.

The giant was very angry and came rushing out of the pond. But the monkeys were safe on the branches of the nearby trees. Looked small the wicked giant slung away from the pond never to return. Now the animals are safe. They thanked the leader of the monkey tribe and live happily.

                Animal story from Jataka tales 

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