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A Short Essay - My Dream House

                                  My Dream House

I don’t mind admitting that I’m a simple sort of boy so my dream house should also be of simple design. How many of you realize the happiness of life and the formation of the character depends on the lovely atmosphere of our home? Being an environmentalist I am interested in the idea of energy-efficient homes. So that in the long term, it helps limit the bills, and thus I can save money. I am not interested in multi-storied buildings but my dream home should be large and all rooms must be spacious and airy with three windows and one door each. I would like to have light colors on the interior and dark colors on the exterior.


Sometimes, a village may have many drawbacks from your viewpoint considering its social and educational developments, but my dream house should be situated in a village, surrounded by green vegetation. I can’t say whether it is because I am interested in spending a lot of time outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature or is it because my grandparents live in a village and I spend my childhood there.  In front of my house, there should be a small garden.  On one side there should be a porch with enough parking space for vehicles. The backyard must be spacious with a playground I’m interested in sports. I would like to have some trees like mango trees, guava trees, etc. in my backyard. A vegetable garden is part of my dream house.


 Coming to the rooms, I want a spacious living room which can be used as a parlor, study room, office room as well as the library.  There must be a TV, a computer, a large wooden table, six chairs and two sofa sets in my living room. My desires are not great but at least three bedrooms are a necessity in my dream house. One for my parents, another one for my grandparents, and the last one for me and my sister. My bedroom should be large with two cots and beds, airy and carpets on the floor. I would like to have a light pink color for the walls of my bedroom. All the bedrooms should be attached.


I am interested in the idea of simplicity, minimalism, and functionality so the kitchen of my dream house should be designed in Scandinavian style with cream color walls, natural lighting, modern furniture, and greenery. I don’t like the kitchen of my dream house filled with a lot of furniture and unwanted articles. The kitchen should be always neat and tidy. Outside the kitchen, there should be a work area with a wooden table.


 A balcony is a must in my dream house because for me a balcony is a place to recharge myself. There should be a small garden where we could sit, relax, study, do homework, and enjoy the beauty of nature.  I have two pet cats and a dog so they should have their corner in my dream house. My dream house should be the one comfortable for me, for my parents, siblings, and guests.

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