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Autobiography of a caged Tiger

 Autobiography of a Caged Tiger

As you know, I’m a caged tiger. If you turn back the pages of my history you can see, how happy I lived with my family. Growing up I had a big family with four siblings and my parents. Since my early childhood, I heard the stories of my great ancestors who fought with men, attacked them, and made them their prey.   My mother used to advise me not to go far on- because of hunters with a gun in their hands.


 I wondered! these human beings are not very strong, with no sharp sense of smell and no sharp teeth. Yet they rule all the other living beings. Man is a supreme creature, with his wisdom, he has established supremacy over all other creatures and become the overlord. I was very much curious to know about human beings. 


One day I secretly paid a visit to the nearby village in the valley. On the way, I saw many buildings, maybe their houses. Some of them are attached to sheds. Observing everything carefully, I stepped into the shed. I couldn’t believe my eyes, on seeing a shed full of goats, I was in high spirits. At the same moment, something pulled my back leg and I fell into a trap. It was my first and last visit to the village. In the beginning, my mother had warned me, unfortunately, I turned a deaf ear to her advice.


It was so pitying that I was trapped in such a dreadful situation. What a crowd was it! owner of the house, neighbors, police, govt. officials, my conscious mind slowly slipped from my grasp. When I woke up, I found that I was taken to a zoo. Now I am inside this cage. I don’t have enough space to move about, I am not at all happy. How can I stay here? There is no room to swing a cat. Some children are playing outside, they are laughing, running, and jumping and some of them are dancing. I am a poor caged tiger lying in this cage. What should I do?


 How happy are these ones? What about me?  How can a poor prisoner like myself try happy in this cage? Yet, I tried to laugh but whenever I laughed, my keepers ran for their lives, what a paradox! I have a senior keeper who has the habit of blowing his own trumpet. He has much pleasure in sharing his experiences with the visitors about teaching and training me. Sometimes I use them as sleeping pills.


Do you know, my grandfather could engulf up to a hundred pounds in one sitting but in this prison, I eat considerably less. How did a poor prisoner like myself try that much in this cage? My needs are not great 20 kg of meat will do me for a meal. Here I get a protein-rich diet, for a special treat, sometimes I receive rabbits from my keeper.


 My father was the king of the forest, grandfather, too. All the other animals feared them. But I am in this prison, a poor caged tiger, helpless, with no freedom, I don’t know why these visitors are staring at me. Sometimes I recollect memories of my childhood, I don’t know whether my parents are alive or not. I could not stop thinking about the attractions of my forest, I wanted to be with them and roam the entire forest. That is my last wish.

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