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Helen Keller

                                             Helen Keller

 I call her a ‘gem’ or an ‘exceptional lady’. She is celestial, inspiring, wonderful, one of the greatest inspirations of our day. She won her laurels in the match against destiny.  If you consider the great achievements of her, who was dumb and deaf by birth, you will be astonished. Yes, this is the story of Helen Keller, the most famous disabled person and the first deaf and blind person to earn a college degree. Shielded herself with courage and confidence, she poses an extraordinary figure in the history of mankind. 


At the age of 19 months, due to a heavy fever, she completely lost her sight and hearing. It was not an easy one to teach a blind and deaf child. The arrival of Annie Sullivan in the nick of time, helped Helen to hurdle the muddy whirlpools of ignorance and negative emotions, her performance was really up to the mark. Annie teaches her, how to read and write in braille, through her eyes little Helen saw the world around her, learned, and communicate with the world.


Slowly she became proficient enough to write books. Her autobiography ‘The story of My Life’ is still the best seller in the world. She could achieve success as an extraordinary authoress only because of her confidence and hard work. She was an amazing writer and she is a subject to many writers and filmmakers. Many books were written and films were made of her. She published many books and wrote articles about the problems of blindness and women’s rights.


 Her courage, dedication, education, and self-confidence adorned, embellished her captivating charm. Helen doesn’t allow anyone to determine her destiny She was more than a conqueror. She is not a lady that lives a life focused on herself: my goals, my problems, my destiny-that is not her way of living. Though she was in difficulty, she looked for opportunities to do good. She helps others come up higher, helps their dream come to pass. She was the organizer and fund-raiser of many public services to the disabled.


 If she was happy with her life, that is not because everything in her life was right but her attitude to everything was right. She was totally different from other disabled ones, the difference lies in how she approaches and tackles the problems. Not only the disabled ones but also the whole world bow their heads before her courage. It was not boasting that she had an intimate relationship with many biggest names. U.S. President- Franklin D Roosevelt, Scientist Alexander Graham Bell, writer Mark Twain are some of them, she had rubbed with. 


If one turns back the pages of history can see, only a few are fully understood, accepted, and recognized in their own times. Helen Keller was one among them- a unique, perfect example. The life of Helen Keller is proof enough that courage, dedication self-confidence, and hard work can drastically change the course of disabled ones. The life of Helen Keller is not a sentimental story but an inspirational story for the coming generations.

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