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All that glitters is not gold-Proverb Expansion

                       All that glitters is not Gold

It simply means, does not believe everything that you see.   Actually, gold is a precious metal. It has a yellowish shining appearance that attracts everyone. It is precious also. Does it mean that whatever that glitters and in golden color is gold? Or does anyone judge the quality of gold by looking only at its yellowish shiny appearance, what will happen? All that glitters or shines or having a yellowish shiny appearance are not gold.

Most of us have a very dangerous habit of judging the quality of a person or thing on the basis of our outward appearance. A person must be judged not on the grounds of his appearance, but of talents, culture, manners, and character. In our daily life, sometimes, we may be impressed by some persons only because of their good looks. Yet the moment they open their mouths we are much shocked to know that they possess no culture. The good-looking personality of a man will have no relation to his character.

If we are to judge the value of a person on the grounds of his dress and external appearance, it will be a great blunder. The dress or good look doesn’t always represent what’s true about him. In such cases external appearance is deceptive. The first impression of a person may be very attractive, but what is the use if he doesn’t possess any values. Good looks and loquacity may catch up to another’s attention but when you come more closely to this person then only you will realize how evil and unethical is this person.

 There are indeed glittering friends, neighbors and there are many relatives but what is the use if he or she has poison in their mind. it is mere rubbish, none of them are our well-wishers at all. Nothing to do with the glittery appearance of people if they have evil thoughts in mind. Their physical appearances and inner qualities are entirely different.


From the outside, the lifestyle of rich people appears attractive to the world and the poor ones have a strong desire to become rich and follow their lifestyle. But in reality, most of them are suffering from a lot of problems. Among the various misfortunes that may befall humanity, the loss of a soulmate is one of the severest.


On the other hand, some things, or persons who appear dull and useless in the first impression, may turn out to be of great use later. The best relations are those that have been gradually developed and tested over time. The real value of a person doesn’t depend upon his glittery appearance. Only good character and moral values make you a human being.

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