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The Modern attitude to Dowry

  The Modern Attitude to Dowry      



The Modern Attitude to Dowry    

Currently, our society is plagued with many social evils. The dowry system is one of the worst. This is a condition prevalent in many sections of our society in various ways. Any discussion of the dowry system would be incomplete or irrelevant without mentioning what this system is and how it came to have such strong roots in our society.

What is Dowry?

 Dowry is the money, jewelry, vehicles, and other items that were given to daughters by their parents when they married.  We are provided with various explanations on why the dowry system has flourished and taken strong roots in our society. One explanation is that when a girl gets married, she leaves her family behind, so the boy's family has the responsibility of feeding her for the remainder of her life. Therefore, dowry is the act of allocating money from the girl’s family to the boy’s family during the marriage. Thus the concept of dowry came about, where the girl's family pays to the boy's family during the marriage.

Another explanation is that they are starting a new life. Therefore, they were given large gifts when they arrived at their father-in-law's house. In doing so, they were hoping to ensure that the girls would be happy in their new homes. A father's natural affection for his daughter was revealed in this settlement. Unfortunately, in later times, the practice took a new direction.


Has dowry in marriage contributed to greater happiness?


The answer is NO. Inside the deepest depths of each house, you will see oppressed femininity subjected still to the wrath and whims of men groping in indignity and darkness. Bride burning, suicide tales, and even attacks with snakes which regularly appear in our newspapers, describe how an innocent and charming bride was mercilessly attacked by her in-laws. There have been many cases of brilliant girls losing their lives as a result of their parent's inability to satisfy their in-laws with enough dowry. Women's lives have been made hellish as a result. Often, greedy husbands along with their parents will intentionally kill their wives when they do not receive the huge dowry they want.

Previously, it was a voluntary offer by parents, but nowadays it has become an obligation and a necessary evil. Formerly a voluntary gift, dowry has become a custom now. Dowry devil has already taken a heavy toll on female lives. There are reports of many young girls being burned at the altar of dowry. Many of the girls commit suicide when their in-laws force them to bring more and more money from their parents.


Girls should be self-dependent Why?

To some extent, the girls themselves are responsible for this dowry death. An independent and employed girl will never consider suicide. Therefore, they must stand on their own. Here arises the question, is career or marriage more important for girls? When girls are financially independent they can not only contribute to household expenses, but they can also help with their children's upbringing. Girls with financial independence make independent decisions without relying on others. Thus, the priority should be to prioritize their jobs rather than their marriages.


Dowry Prohibition act

A few years ago, legislation was brought to prevent dowries from being demanded and given. People bypass the law in many ways. It appears that the law is powerless to resolve matters. The laws alone cannot provide a remedy. A law may contain rules and regulations that aim to remove dowry systems. But the truth is that it is impossible to eradicate these social evils without the active participation of society. Some believe that there are a lot of difficulties in finding a good boy without paying a lot of money. Often, parents of highly educated boys demand more dowry than usual. Based on the boy's education, they fix the dowry.


Role of the Youth

Dowry should not be demanded by young men. Although they may be obedient in other areas, they must have the courage to stand against their parents in this matter.  No matter how well-settled or shaky the family is, taking the dowry away is merely beggarly, practiced by well-dressed creeps. In addition, girls should not agree to marry someone who demands dowry. No one has the right to ask for even one rupee from you, especially during a marital discussion. Risks may exist here. Such a risk must be taken at least by some.

Some boys argue that they have no power to oppose their parents. Parents need to remember that dowry is marital extortion. The idea of giving all your money to your daughter to a bunch of degraded rogues makes no sense. You will lose your wealth, and you will lose your best asset, your daughter.

Pioneers have always been at the forefront of every human achievement, and some will emerge here as well. When people find that dowry is not easily acquired, the risk would disappear altogether. Dowry cannot be imposed if boy and girl are against it. Thus, the solution lies with the younger generation. Parents and society cannot turn a blind eye to this issue, leaving the young couple to accept responsibility for everything.

To conclude, Provide a good education for your girl. Allow them to pursue a career. Let them pursue their dreams. Another important thing is that marriage expenditure should be reduced. Although the path may be difficult, it is necessary to expel this evil dowry system. In the absence of immediate action, this malady would pass on to the following generations.

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