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The Earth is getting warmer—Global Warming-A Warning


 The Earth is getting warmer—Global Warming-A Warning

 Every now and then we have been hearing ‘global warming'. In the last decades, global warming has become a topic of hot debate in almost all countries. When you hear the word ‘global warming’, what comes to your mind? A wild guess would probably be ‘something not good for human beings, or 'dangerous for the entire globe’. Global warming is not new but the information that ‘we’ or ‘our activities are responsible for this phenomenon is new. Recent years have been witnessing an increase in the rate of global warming.

What is global warming?

Our earth has the right amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that traps the right amount of heat from escaping thus making our planet a sustainable one for living. Any increase in the level of carbon dioxide results in the greenhouse effect. Global warming is the consequence of the greenhouse effect. To make it more clear, let’s do a little Google search for ‘greenhouse effect’ and ‘greenhouse gases’.

The greenhouse effect is a natural process that warms the earth’s surface. As we know, the sun’s energy is emitted as heat radiation. Some of these are reflected back to space and the rest is absorbed and re-radiated by greenhouse gases. There is an energy balance between the heat energy reaching the earth and the heat energy re-radiated into space. Maintaining the temperature of the earth’s surface within a range suitable for human survival is very important. The increasing dominance of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, CFCs, and water vapor is responsible for disturbing the energy balance.

Imagine a greenhouse that is covered with glass. It allows the sun’s rays to penetrate into the greenhouse but blocks the radiation of heat from the greenhouse, back into the atmosphere. Just as the glass walls of the greenhouse block the radiation of heat and prevent heat rays from escaping into outer space and keep the interior temperature higher than outside, the earth’s atmosphere traps some of the energy radiated from the planet’s surface. Greenhouse gases do not allow the heat rays to escape into outer space and are added to the heat already available on the earth’s surface. This increase in temperature is known as the greenhouse effect.

Is global warming caused by humans?

Scientists and environmentalists agree that global warming is caused mainly by human activities. We, humans, are warming the earth’s atmosphere. One major cause of global warming is the use of fossil fuels. When we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas we release CO2 pollution into the atmosphere. Another one is deforestation. Today our forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Smoke from industries and vehicles also increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Despite several undeniable virtues of industries and factories, much concern has been raised about its corrosive effects on nature and the atmosphere.

Harmful effects of global warming

The increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leads to a rise in temperature. Increased heat, drought, and insect breaks, are all linked to global warming. Global warming affects climate change in many ways. An increase in temperature will make the glaciers melt rapidly. If glaciers melt faster than expected, ocean levels may rise day by day. An increase in temperature will increase evaporation, soil and water will become insufficient, and soil and water temperatures will also rise. Rainfall changes and air pollution are other impacts of global warming.

How can we soften the blow of global warming?

To minimize the effects of global warming, four distinct procedures are to be put into effect.  Burning fossil fuels is one major cause of global warming. We have to move to alternative fuels, such as solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, etc., to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Next deforestation must be checked and afforestation must be encouraged. Efforts should be made to develop new forests. Planting more trees is one sure and simple remedy to global warming. A third measure would be to entrap the poisonous wastes and smoke from the factories or industries and neutralize them by absorbers. Also, proper safety measures are to be ensured. Finally, developed countries should bear the financial responsibility for implementing new programs and projects for controlling the emission of greenhouse gases and thus slow down the rate of global warming. 


Developments in the field of technology and industry indeed play an increasingly important role in contributing material progress and prosperity to us. Though advancement in any field is a blessing, remember, that their side effects are gradually affecting the environment. If progress is not measured in proportion to man’s success in meeting the challenges of nature, no matter, how much progress is made, only calamity would be here. Man, in his mad run to make his life more prosperous and comfortable has to realize the fact that if the present trends are allowed without any check our future life will be endangered. We have to make sure that advancements in science and technology will never contaminate our ecosystem in the future.

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