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Your Limitation, It’s Only Your Imagination


Your Limitation, It’s Only Your Imagination 

If you have strong determination and willpower, it will definitely lead you to success and happiness. The problem with most of us is that we are waiting for great occasions to do great things. There are a lot of opportunities before us but we fail to make use of it. Don’t think that, I have limitations. You should never limit yourself because limiting yourself destroys your productivity. Don’t be limited by negative thoughts and never give much importance to others' negative comments. Think that, if your body is a ship, your mind is the captain of that ship. In other words, your mind is the driver that has to navigate through the tumultuous waves to sight land. It is said that a positive mind finds opportunity in everything whereas a negative mind finds fault in everything.

 Have confidence in yourself

Most people have academic qualifications and professional identity but no faith in themselves. They always confuse themselves and lead miserable lives. Have the courage to break fear, limitations, and inferiority complex, and discover a new identity in which you discover your unique self-confidence. Do you have the ‘can I do it?’ disease?  A long series of ‘Can I do it?’ thoughts wears down you mentally and physically. It is not the strongest that wins in life nor the intelligent. It is the one that has confidence and faith in life’s journey. Those who are creative and bold take risks, overcome limitations and become celebrities in life. Think of Helen Keller, who was deaf and dumb by birth, she did her college and authored several inspiring books. Consider the great achievements of Stephen Hawking, who carries forward his studies, though almost completely paralyzed. For them ‘limitation’ is a word only found in the dictionary. You do not have to go to the Himalayas to get confidence. It is there inside you. Find it, confidence enables us to cope well with life situations. 

Change for the Better

In this world nothing remains static, everything goes on changing. Change is a must and it is the way of life, if you do not accept these changes or oppose these changes invites trouble and may throw you out of life. Who was the one person who did not seem to be worried? And why? A person who can adjust to change from time to time is an ideal person. We can broadly classify the changes into two types. The first one is the change we bring in, and the second one takes place naturally. The second type of change happens to all of us.

According to Aristotle, all changes are ‘sweet’. In the past, we all have witnessed floods, tsunamis, and hurricanes. In an area that was completely ruined and flattened by the tsunami, now new and better houses, buildings, and better developments have come up. Instead of old and out-fashioned houses now we have a new town with an elegant modern look. Does it mean, it was good that the tsunami happened? What we have to learn here is, that there is a positive element in every misfortune. Only on the ruins, we can build a new edifice. If we look from this viewpoint, we would never feel sad but be grateful as our future may have better things in store.

Remember nature has a holy plan, we have to understand it and comprehend the rhythm with which time moves and adjust our activities accordingly. Treat problems and limitations as opportunities. The problems that have been acted as hindrances at this moment will be proved to be advantageous in the long run, what you can call, a 'blessing in disguise'. Believe, that every change brings better things to us and makes us feel better in our life.

 Determination overcomes Limitations

Determination is inner strength.  The determinations we make will have far-reaching effects on our lives. Therefore, a decision is something that has to be taken after much thought and deliberation. ‘Where there is a will, there is a way is a famous proverb. This proverb aims at overcoming our limitations with strong decisions. How many of you are experts in swimming? Only a few, compared to other activities. Why? Fear of drowning may be the one reason why many are not interested in swimming. But actually, our body is equipped with natural survival instincts to help us float and not drown. What we have to do is use that potential to stay afloat.

You can swim, it is not an imagination, it is a reality. Drown your fear and try to keep afloat, then learn to coordinate your hand and leg movements. Push water with your hands, so that you can swim ahead. Likewise, to swim across the sea of life which is full of hindrances, we have to understand our strengths and align our goals accordingly. On the other hand, if we are just splashing water, if we are not making the best use of our talents, success will be a wild dream. In order to progress and overcome limitations, push down your negative thoughts, align your strengths and goals with your hand, push obstacles with your leg and swim in the sea of life. This way you can succeed. Swimming through problems and obstacles will come to be as easy as breathing. Stay enthusiastic.

Hard work and Courage

Don’t you hear the proverb ‘Work is worship’? It does not aim at laughing at the various modes of religious worship. This proverb makes it clear that the best way to adore God is to do one’s duty perfectly. There is no substitute for hard work. For prosperity and advancement in any field hard work is a must. Hard work is the first pillar in the temple of success. No hard work means no success. Hard work means an unrelenting dedication to our duties and work. Unless you work hard, you will not be able to achieve anything in life. Be an optimist, Though, it is a difficult challenge, an optimist will have the courage to face it, he may say, ‘It is difficult, but I can, it is possible. Courage is an important factor in the overall success of a person. Those who have courage, a hard-working mentality, and are willing to take risks can utilize their talents, energy, and physical abilities to determine their future.

In addition to all these, try to understand others and respect them

Learn from mistakes.

You must aim at being respected and loved by all. To earn love and respect from others, you need to respect and love them first.

Remember your greatest enemy is your own negative thoughts and your own inner perception.

Ask yourself, ‘What do I really want’? What are my limitations?

Look for the message. Take a short while and think of some creative ways to overcome your limitations.

Your Limitation, it’s only your imagination.

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