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Good Food Good Health

Good Food Good Health

Much has been said about the importance of good food.  Good food is the key to good health. ‘Health is wealth’ is a famous proverb’. If so what is good food?  The answer is simple, food that’s good for health.  There is no perfect, clean definition because none of the definitions can be generalized to all the people of the world. For example, milk is called wholesome food but some people could be allergic to milk.  Always follow the treatises with the right context. By good food, we mean highly nutritious, good for the environment, low climate impact, and good for the economy by local producers. 

Importance of Balanced Diet


A balanced diet having carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, salt, and water in the right proportion, no chemical content, no additives, prepared fresh and served hot can be termed as good food. Regarding our eating habits, there are two opinions. Some of them are on the side of vegetarianism and others are on the side of non-vegetarianism. Those who advocate non-vegetarianism say protein is essential for growth and resistance power and animal protein is a must in their diet. On the other hand, vegetarians say fruits, vegetables, pulses, and grains are sufficient for a human being for a healthy life. They are also good for digestion. Another point is that our teeth and digestive system are meant only to eat vegetarian food and no non-veg food. 

Role of Good Digestion


Good digestion strength is also important for good health. If a person has poor digestion strength, the nutrients will neither be absorbed nor distributed to the body parts. To have perfect body nutrition, good food, good digestion, and a disciplined lifestyle are to be followed. A disciplined lifestyle means the right amount of sleep, the right amount of exercise, meditation, having good mental health all contribute to a healthy body. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for all. Avoid junk food and deep-fried items. Drink plenty of water. Eat only when you feel hungry and don’t waste food.

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