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As you sow so shall you reap


Expanded Proverbs

As you sow so shall you reap  

2  Empty vessels make the most sound 


  As you sow so shall you reap                              


It is your behavior and your attitude that decides what is going to happen in your life. In other words, how you treat others, likewise you will be treated. You shall harvest what you sow, good or bad. All happenings in your life are the consequences of your good or bad actions.

We can compare our life to the mirror. When we look at a mirror, we see our face in it. If we look with a smile, the mirror will reflect the same. On the other hand, if we look at it with a sad face, it also will surely look sad to us. what we see in it is just the resemblance of our face and what is reflected on our face is the reflection of our mind.

When you sow something, you are destined to reap the same. If we have sowed rice, we will reap only rice, not wheat. In other words, if, we sow good, we can reap good, if we sow bad we must reap bad. Sometimes, if we do good but don’t yield good results immediately, don’t cry, certainly, you can expect goodness, happiness, and peace in the future.

If we get only sufferings, indignity, and neglect from others it is because usually, we give them sufferings only. Tomorrow or in the coming future, your actions do return to you. That is the law of nature. We can’t escape from it. If you are a student study honestly, if you are a worker do your work sincerely. No doubt goodness will always bear goodness and badness will result in badness.


Many a time we hear people complain that no one loves them, no one respects them, and there is no peace in life. If you want to be loved by others, first of all, you should learn to love others. If you want to get respect, learn to respect others. peace is a very rare commodity these days. Wherever there is peace there is happiness also. If we give happiness to the world, our stock balance of happiness never decreases but increases.


But what we generally observe is quite different. People want more love, and more respect in family life, professional life, social and public life. But we are not willing to give love and respect to others. what we don’t get from others is usually what we don’t give them. Then what is the use of saying that others do not love me, and do not respect me? It is a useless thing to cry and complain about not getting something.


Do not expect others to love and respect you first. Let your love and respect others who are around you or going to be with you. You should first love and respect and then you are going to get love and respect. In short, we don’t have the right to demand from others what we haven’t given them.

          Empty vessels make the most sound  



When we tap on a vessel that contains something, it produces sound. When we tap on an empty vessel, it definitely produces sound and it will be comparatively higher than the first one. Who knows not, no need to look into a vessel to know whether it contains anything or is empty. We can easily understand it from the sound it produces when tapped.


Some of our people are also like this. They have a belief that they are born to speak only. When glorifying their own achievements, they think that what they achieved is all one ought to achieve. Their boasting often tends to disregard the sentiments of listeners and the listeners will flee from their presence. They repeat the blunders, blow their own trumpet, and often create a negative impact on others. The attitude they have toward others is only contempt. The result is, that they rarely succeed in making a good impact on others. We can compare these empty-headed men to empty vessels. Their ornament is pride.


On the other hand, a learned one is always humble because he knows what knowledge he learned is nothing when compared to what he doesn’t know. He speaks carefully and thoughtfully, he is really great and his actions speak louder than words. Don’t you see some trees bearing full of fruits have fewer leaves? Wise men are like this. These people are those who have a rich brain. They are like vessels that contain something. These people are decorated with honesty, love, kindness, hard work, forgiveness, cooperation, and respect for others.


In our day-to-day life, we meet people boasting of their own talents and achievements. Keep a little distance from them. We have a lot of energy provided by our mother nature.  Do not waste it in foolish talks. Be a doer to become successful in your life.

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