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Hobbies---A relief from Stress


Hobbies---A relief from Stress

Today, in this modern period, stress has not spared anyone. There has been a significant increase in stress levels among people due to various reasons. According to recent studies, the number of people who prey to stress is more now than earlier say, some 20 to 30 years ago. The rising levels of stress found in people can be pinpointed to money(financial problems) ranking higher than diseases, death of loved ones, unemployment, etc.

We get stressed when things do not come according to our wishes or plans. The best way to beat stress is to engage in any activity that gives us pleasure. Hobbies help to give relief from stress and related problems. If so what is a hobby? We can define a hobby as any activity that is done for pleasure and enjoyment. Actually, hobbies are not for pay but sometimes in the long run hobbies may turn out to be our main occupation and source of income. Another interesting thing is that, what is a hobby for some, could be a profession for others. The value and benefits of a hobby are immense.

For most things in life, special hours are needed, but for a hobby, only a small fraction of time is enough. How many hours of our daily life are wasted sitting over a cup of coffee or tea in idle gossip? Any person occupying any position in life can engage in hobbies easily and most of the hobbies do not require much physical labor. 

 When choosing a hobby, we have to consider some important factors and the most important factor is to choose a hobby that goes well with our personality. Some people are interested in making collections. Collecting postage stamps was a common hobby. They get a sort of pleasure when seeing their collection grow little by little. Unfortunately, nowadays postage stamps are a rare thing. 

Our youngsters have a craze for collecting pictures of sports and film stars, this is also a hobby. If a record of their achievements was prepared it will definitely improve one’s general knowledge. The collector gets pleasure as well as knowledge from this hobby.

Some children are interested in collecting coins, leaves, flowers, photos of important personalities, etc. Coin collection is also a hobby but an average man cannot always afford to cultivate it because rare coins are difficult to get. Those who have a good collection of rare coins may be in a situation that Ali Baba might have been when he looked at the treasures in his closed caves.

Reading is also a great hobby, a great source of recreation. Reading gives us satisfaction, and peace of mind, and makes us optimists.  If you are interested in a variety of food or an epicurean, cooking will be a great hobby for you. Community service is also a good hobby. Some unique hobbies can speak about our character.

 Do you know, sometimes your hobby may help to get your dream job. You may think, I am applying for the job of a language teacher, how will my interests in sports come in handy here. Some sports hobbies you mention in your resume will paint you in a positive light. The interest in team sports shows that you are comfortable with other people and you have discipline. So it is time to recognize the power of hobbies that can have on our personal development, as well as on our career that brightens our future and reduces our stress. Be a winner in your life with a unique hobby.



My favorite hobby is gardening

A big hobby of mine has always been reading and now recently I shifted from mostly reading to gardening. Gardening is a great pleasure, it gives me peace of mind and satisfaction. It is also a great source of recreation. I enjoy gardening because it makes me happy, creative, and cheerful. If you believe it or not gardening helps to create a healthier environment.

Different people choose different hobbies according to their tastes. Gardening is a physical activity, also a hobby, which improves my health and strength, helps me relax and reduces my stress levels. Gardening is a hobby which is suitable for all whether, man, woman, children, young or old. My small garden is blessed with a variety of flowers and leaves.

Sometimes you may think, when is the best time to start my garden? If you are new to gardening my best advice is that you can start by the end of the monsoon. First, you have to choose a proper location for your garden, now it is time to plan your garden layout. Before planting, prepare the soil properly.

In my garden, I have a huge collection of rose plants. The scene of green grass and fragrant flowers is worth seeing. In the early morning, the dew drops on the green grass shine like pearls. Seeing the beautiful flowers of many colors blooming in the garden, the fresh air, and the pleasant calmness of the early morning is very pleasing. Gardening keeps me close to nature and develops an eco-friendly responsibility in my mind.

Besides the flower garden, I have a vegetable garden also. I do not associate my hobby with any sort of reward or not to excel in gardening, my intention is clear, I do my hobby for happiness. I get a respite from my busy life which is full of hustle and bustle and adds charm to my life. It also refreshes my tired nerves and mind.

My vegetable garden provides my family with fresh, pesticide-free healthy vegetables and fruits. For those who have an eye for beauty, gardening is a perfect hobby. A well-maintained garden is an asset for our home, Oxygen, greenery, fresh fruits, and vegetables, keeping our surroundings clean, and appreciating nature, the benefits of gardening are endless.

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