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Who is a responsible citizen--Story


Who is a responsible citizen?

A noble King—worried about his people—people of his kingdom were irresponsible and lazy—The king wanted to teach them a lesson—At night—without being noticed anyone—put sack sewage in the road—First a Poojari—gentleman-lady-soldier all passed by—last a poor farmer—he removed the trash—under --a box containing gold and jewels—a reward from King—for being a responsible citizen.

Who is a responsible citizen?

Once there was a king, he was particular that he should be always just and responsible. Tales of his responsibility, strength, and cleanliness spread far and wide to distant lands. But unfortunately, most of the people of his kingdom were irresponsible and lazy. He often wondered what would happen to his country if the people of his kingdom is going like this. 

The King wanted to test his people, make them realize the true worth of duty, and teach them a lesson. Around midnight disguised himself, had a big sack of trash and sewage kept in the middle of the main road. It was attracted by flies and mosquitoes. In the morning there came down a Poojari that way: and when he saw the waste he passed by on the other side. He says to himself, “My duty is to pray all day long and this is not my work”.

Next there arrived a gentleman, when he was at the place, who came and looked at the waste and passed by on the other side. And likewise, a wealthy lady did the same. A soldier of the King came by, frowned, and said aloud, “what a foul smell”. All the people who passed by blamed the government for not maintaining cleanliness in the streets, but none went even close to it. The only thing they did with one voice was blaming the government for not performing its duties well. 

But a poor farmer, as he journeyed, on his way to the field came there: and when he saw the sewage, he tried to drag it to the other side of the road. As soon as he had plucked the one end of the sack and tried to drag it to the other side of the road, he saw a box under it. On the top of it was written, “JUST FOR YOU” When the box was opened he was surprised to see that it was filled with gold coins, silver coins, and even jewels.

Suddenly, the King appeared on the scene. The King said to that poor farmer that it was meant to be a reward for the one who would remove the impurity and fulfill his responsibility as a dutiful citizen. “For you have I seen righteous and dutiful”. On hearing the words of King, people realized their mistake but it was too late.

A Donkey in Lion’s skin

Merchant and donkey—from one village to another for business—clever merchant threw a lion skin on the donkey –the donkey munched in the field—villagers think it was a lion—one day they attacked the animal—heard the sound of a donkey—they realized the truth

Once upon a time, there lived a merchant, he often went to the towns and villages with his loaded donkey for his business. They traveled from one village to another then from one town to another town. This merchant was a tricky man, usually, he did not buy any food for his assistant. After doing the morning business the merchant would throw a lion skin over the donkey and let him loose in the fields of villagers for his lunch. The donkey grazed in peace because when the villagers saw the donkey in lion skin they ran in fear, thinking it was a lion.

Both of them were happy, one day they came to a new village near a river. As usual, the merchant started his business, within two hours the load was disappeared and his purse was filled. They move to the shore of the river, making sure that, no one is watching them, he threw the lion’s skin over the donkey and left him into the fields.

After lunch, the merchant took rest under the shade of a mango tree and the donkey grazed happily. The people of that village spotted the animal in their field. At first, they feared, but collecting sticks and stones they rushed towards the animal.

The donkey began to bray, “hee- hee! Haw -haw! The villagers realized that it was not a lion, it is only a donkey in a lion's skin. Neither merchant nor donkey expected the manner in which the villagers stormed on the animal. The poor animal ran here and there, but with no hope, the villagers beat him until they make sure that it was dead. They threw him out of the fields and returned to their homes happily.

 It was one of the worst moments in the life of the merchant, “this would never happen if you did not open your mouth”. Saying sadly the merchant went on his way home.

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