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Success comes to those who take risks

Success comes to those who take risks

What is the relationship between success and risk? 

Most of us want to be successful instantaneously in our lives but are not willing to take risks.  If you are thinking about climbing the ladder of success, a proper assessment of yourself is useful. Do you have the courage to take risks? Don’t think that everything good will happen on a fine morning and you will find yourself at the peak of success. All great things in life are achieved step by step. A winner in any field plants the seeds of a goal and sprinkles them with hard work, courage, risk, and patience to realize his dreams.


Is success only for those who take risks? Not so, but the courage to take the risk is a crucial factor for success. Taking a risk is not an easy one, it is risky in itself. A successful person makes use of all chances that come to him. He is not the one who doesn’t do anything wrong but one who dares to take risks. Success is the privilege of those people who can take risks and make use of them for their success. If one refuses to accept risks- there is no scope for success. 


It is indisputable that no one can always be a winner every time. There may be failures, but even if you fall jump away with new energy, skills, and experiences. the greatest glory consists not in never falling but in rising from every fall. Whatever may be the field-politics, films, industries, or agriculture, requires the courage of risk-taking. Ups and downs are everywhere. It is not as easy as passing a test in school. At school, we are taught a lesson and then given a test but here we are given a test that teaches us a lesson. That is the difference.


Is there a basic mantra for success? It is nothing, but hard work, dedication, struggle, courage, and taking risks are the keys to any success. Many factors, among which, taking the risk is a major factor, which lead to success. A certain amount of opposition and the tonic of criticism is vital for the growth of all success. A wise man makes use of all chances that come to him. Those who have the spirit of taking risks can enjoy every moment of their life, whether it is pressure or pleasure.


There is a saying, if you can’t fly- then run, if you can’t run then walk if you can’t walk then crawl but keep moving towards the goal. When the desired project is not achieved, don’t give up, have patience, and wait. Keep striving for the goal, if one plan doesn’t work, then change that plan, not your goal. Starting anything new always involves some risk-taking.

Unfortunately, most of us have the habit of attributing the success of great people to mere luck but what we really forget is the fact that to reach the peaks of glory how much they had toiled. Today, the name of Bill Gates is written in golden letters, having brought about a sea change in the field of information technology. while seeing the success story of Bill Gates we exclaim, ‘What a genius!’ In fact, what we ought to admit is the risk he puts behind his vision that computers would become an inevitable part of our lives.


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