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Proverb Expansion: There is no time like the present

      There is No Time Like the Present

Time is a unique gift


 Time, the present time is one of the unique gifts from nature to us. When lost once, we can’t retrieve it again. This is the best time to start, never wait for a perfect time, take the present time, and make it a perfect one. Proper and systematic utilization of time can give us everything we want. It is a stepping stone to success. Success comes from the utilization of the present time. In order to shape a better ‘tomorrow’, use our ‘today’ in the correct manner and be the master of your future. “Yesterday is a dream and tomorrow is a vision”, said the famous writer, Dale Carnegie. Be free from the painful memories of yesterday and the anxieties of tomorrow. 

 Leave the past 

Don’t think about yesterday, it’s gone. Let the past stay in the past. Don’t worry about a problem before it comes. To be successful in life you will have to avoid meeting troubles halfway. Such a tendency will impede you from concentrating on what you do in the present. If you have a dream of winning great things, you should struggle in the present moment. People may rate you and shake you but how strong you stand in the present is what makes you. Think only about the present because it’s today that matters. Today, the present time is a gift for you, receive it with gratitude, and make it a perfect day.


 Let today be a fresh start


 Today, at present, you have a new beginning, it brings new hopes and dreams and sometimes challenges also. Never lose your determination and be prepared for those challenges. As you know life is too short, many tasks are waiting for you, decide what you really need to do. One thing we have to remember, the present time can only open the door in front of us, but it will be up to you to make a decisive step. This is the only time that brings success to you. Even if the circumstances are difficult, don't give up! Each day is unique, with its own issues.


Most of us are well aware of the meaning and significance of time in our life but fail to benefit from it to the maximum. Spread your wings as much as you can, then only you will get an idea of how far and high you can fly because true success lies in your efforts.  There is no time like the present, this present time will bring you numerous remarkable and lucky opportunities for progress, so you will have to act as quickly as possible, as any delays are likely to bring additional drawbacks and problems. You should use your present time in the right way, to become greater and more successful in your life. Turn over a new leaf, today itself.


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