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What is Your Idea of a Happy Life? My Idea of a Happy Life

What is Your Idea of a Happy Life?    My Idea of a Happy Life

All of us in the world are in the pursuit of joy and happiness. Unwanted foes like wars, natural calamities, regional conflicts, politics, financial problems, worries, sorrows, poverty, and epidemics make the voyage of human life all the more hazardous. Different people have different ideas of happiness. No two are carbon copies, for some, money or wealth is the chief object of life, some others give importance to physical health, and some others are interested in name and fame.

What is Happiness?

It is said that happiness is a state of mind. When our minds are weak, there will be no happiness, and the world around us seems to be a problem. The reality is that no one can live happily without a balanced and strong mind. Negative thoughts of worries, sadness, shame, fear, and jealousy destroy our happiness. According to science, the fastest speed of travel is the speed of light. But has anyone ever checked the speed of thoughts? Thoughts are faster than the speed of light and amazingly, they can travel even to the past and the future. 

Positive thoughts originate from virtue and values. Positive thoughts have a magical power to transform our lives into happiness. We can be happy only when there is purity and peace in our minds. Avoid jealousy and envy, have faith in ourselves, and try to feel joyful for others. The face is the index of a person’s mind, if we have good thoughts, we will experience peace and joy within, then there is happiness outside also. If we are disturbed within, the result is, there are pressure and unhappiness outside.

What will I do for Happiness?

There are so many things that I would do for happiness. I would like to fan the flames of love and brotherhood, to increase my happiness. We need to culture the belief that all persons around us are our brothers and sisters. My wish is that all my brothers and sisters would prosper and be in good health, or for all of us to be rich financially, rich in health, and rich in knowledge. I don’t want anyone to be poor, sick, and ignorant. 


I will be good and do good for a happy living. It is said that a major percentage of our happiness comes from satisfying relationships. Without such genuine relationships, our lives would be incomplete. Next, I would try my level best to look for the inner beauty of everyone. I think positive thinking, truth, sympathy, love mercy, and forgiveness would open the gateway from the road leading to the world of happiness. A happy life is possible only by being sympathetic, compassionate, and forgiving. We fall into negativity if we don’t forgive. Nothing can be more dangerous for a person than the fact that he has failed to forgive.

Evil habits and thoughts land us in trouble

If we analyze our day-to-day lives, we can see that negative emotions and bad habits play a major role in making our lives all the more difficult. Today, there is in mankind a marked trend for enjoying other’s difficulties and problems. Religion and politics are two important factors that plague mankind. Our minds always have an affinity for religion and politics. If religion is mixed with politics, it will be more destructive than most modern nuclear weapons. 


Solution- One World State

The entire globe should be treated as one family, then there will be no regional conflicts. The whole property should be concerned as common. If so, neither would say the things they possessed are their own nor will be here among us that lacked. If there is only one caste, one religion, and one politics our Earth would be a Heaven. The establishment of a one-world government can provide the base for permanent peace and happiness in the world on the pillars of universal brotherhood and love. Let us together strive forward to create a Kingdom where every human being can live peacefully, free from any fear of war, diseases, or hunger.

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