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Social media has made us less social

 Social media has made us less social

Advantages of Social Media

Social media has become an inevitable organ or central point on which today’s society revolves. On the positive side, firstly, it offers a platform for everyone to connect with others regardless of their location. People from anywhere can be connected within seconds, share their views, comment on others, update themselves from the latest happenings around the world, express themselves, strengthens friendships, sometimes offers a sense of belonging, etc.

Disadvantages of Social Media

 Despite the multiple benefits it has brought to human lives, it has been blamed, by some for various reasons. If one spends too much time on social media, in reality, he becomes not social, but less social and anti-social. Spending too much time on social media makes them lazy and shirk work. Seeing from a close distance on the mobile or laptop affects eyesight. Thus it is very risky for kids, not for kids but for youths, aged, all phases of people who sit idle and waste valuable time.

Students and Social Media

Children who are not supervised by their parents on a regular basis are many times more likely to go off the rails. To an extent, social media, not nature, is responsible for fewer social behaviors. As a result of addiction to social media, students do not pay any attention to their studies, which affects their educational careers. Moreover, this affects their habits like reading, playing, etc. This danger has to be nipped in the bud. The parents have a responsibility to limit the screen time for students to a maximum of one or two hours per day.

Some people think that they can freely express their thoughts and feelings through these social media but hiding behind these media slowly changes them into introverts. They also lose their ability to communicate direct face-to-face, become shy, and thus discourage them to take part in social activities. What really happens here, we lose our ability to understand others, which leads to misunderstandings between people.

People awake till past midnight, this definitely causing a disturbance in the pattern of sleep. Surveys and studies have long observed that social media badly affects the mental and physical health of children and youths. Over addiction to social media delays their emotional and social development. Another interesting fact - it does not spare anyone.  Our old population also relies more heavily on these media. Communication in the family develops into a silent one.

The virtual world we are enjoying today is the result of talented minds and smart brains. But nowadays it is not a medium for socializing but for less socializing. In a closed room with a mobile or laptop, we become introverts. We even don’t know what is happening inside our house. There is a visible reduction of outings, social interaction, face-to-face communication, eye contact, body language, etc.

Many have a belief that using social media can be considered as a sign of social status, though this shows an advancement in technology, the negative outcomes totally outweigh the positive ones. This is a new world where social media reigns supreme and everyone bathes in the warmth of comments, shares, likes, dislikes, and swings in the breeze of loneliness, suffering from poor mental and physical health with a mobile in hand or laptop at the lap.

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