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Autobiography of a Newspaper


 Autobiography of a Newspaper

I am a really exciting newspaper filled with news, reports, arguments, debates, editorial pages, beautiful advertisements, and many more. I have been here for a long time and hold a vital place in bringing information to you about the various events that happen in the country and the world. Before the invention of the radio and television, I was here. You may fill with excitement, to know that once I was a tree. I traveled a long journey to reach in front of you in this look. Yes, it was a long journey, a long process. I would tell you my story if you are interested.


Do you know? Once I was a tree who lived in a thick forest with a lot of trees. No one can describe the pleasure and tranquility I enjoyed in the green hills of that thick forest. It is said that 24 trees are required to produce 1 ton of printing paper. First, we were cut by woodcutters and then taken to the wood industry. From there to paper making factory, there we were crushed to release fibers, here our name changes to wood pulp, and the process is called refining.


After that, the pulp goes through various processes to be in this form. The credit goes to the Chinese because they were the first to develop the method of pulp making. In a machine, the pulp passes through a wet section, then a press section, and finally through a drying section. After drying we were rolled upon reels and then information is printed on both sides. After printing, we were organized into sizes by cutting. The finished copies of us are bundled up and put into vans, trucks, trains, and airplanes to be delivered to different locations.


 I felt proud to be lying on this glass table, I provide you information and connect you with every part of the world. Isn’t it? Sometimes you may think that the news is also there on TV. But the difference is that it is followed by a number of advertisements and the news is repeated again and again. If you try to solve the puzzles in me definitely it will be a tonic for your brain. It will increase your thinking ability. Our youth, the job seekers are searching every nook and corner of me. Knowledge, which is the hallmark of success in any field is developed by reading newspapers. If you are a regular reader of mine, you can improve your knowledge of the language.


Here I am very lucky. Do you know why? This is a household that has a great love for newspapers. I am very glad since my owner started a fresh day with me and a glass of coffee. I think I give my owner great enjoyment. Here is a kid interested only in sports news and his mother is a regular reader of death columns. I was read by the grandma of this house in the afternoons. It is a beautiful scene to watch, while reading, her sanity slowly slips from her grasp, as a result, I too slip from her hand.

My main duty is to supply recent news to you and I am doing my level best. Have you ever thought about the various uses of me? Long ago, before the arrival of plastic kits and cotton bags, I was used in the majority of shops for packing. I excel at cleaning glass surfaces, try me next time.  I also act as a natural weed killer, use me in your vegetable garden to protect your vegetables. Next time cover your vegetable buds with me to protect them from weeds.


A responsible newspaper is the backbone of every country. It is we, who watch the activities of the government, point its failures if it deviates from the democratic pattern. For that, the press must enjoy complete freedom. The greatest hurdle on my way is nothing but commercialization. These days, well analyzed and researched news has become a rare one, for cheap popularity and an eye on the circulation we are also forced to follow sensational news. Being a responsible newspaper, I have decided to set my face against it.

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