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He who follows two Hares catches neither, Money is a good Servant, but a bad Master

He who follows two Hares catches neither: Money is a Good Servant, but a Bad Master



He who follows two Hares catches neither



We all know that catching a hare is not an easy one. It is always a difficult task. If catching one hare is difficult, imagine what will happen if you chase two hares at the same time. They take different directions and definitely you will lose both of them. In your life, when you start a goal, stay focused on that goal. Try to accomplish it with your full effort. It is not a fault to aim at more than one goal. But if you focus on many goals at the same time, you may not be able to accomplish them.

Some people are there, they start on one goal, are half done, then quit it and switch to another one. Sometimes there also he can’t stick to it and fails miserably. When you start a project, give your full attention to it and work hard to finish it within the period. Once you finish your task, move to another one. Discipline yourself to concentrate on one task at a time.

There is a beautiful poem named ‘The Road Not Taken’ written by the American poet ‘Robert Frost.’  In this poem, we see the poet or the traveler standing at an intersection of two roads. His problem is that he likes both roads but could travel only on one road. There he waits and thinks, he feels sorry because he could not travel on both roads. The poet then decided to take the second road which had been less traveled by.

The choice made by the poet indicates his personality. His choice reveals that the poet is wise and very careful in making decisions and that made all the difference in his life. In our day-to-day lives, there will be situations where we will be confused about selecting a path.  To orientate oneself in life is important. Once the goal is selected, steps can be taken to fulfill it. Whatever may be your goal, you should stick to it till the very end.

To achieve something in life, your choice should be practical and achievable. Definitely, there will be difficulties to overcome and odd circumstances to be faced. success is the result of hard work with a purpose. The one who follows different paths will be like the man who follows two hares at the same time. If he followed one hare, sometimes he may be able to catch it. But he follows both of them and never reaches the goal. Give your full concentration on one aim at a time. That is better than giving attention to many things with a divided focus.


Money is a Good Servant, but a Bad Master

Any mention of a ‘happy and satisfying life’ would bring to mind the image of a rich man with a lot of money. To have money in life is important because we can’t live without money. It makes our lives meaningful, beautiful, and balanced. Money is a good servant and a person can plan his life accordingly. We can’t say ‘no’ to money, without money, our life would be miserable and unhappy. Diseases and poverty are two of the chief maladies that plague the life of the people. Those who have financial stability or money have no need to worry about it.

Is money important for life? The answer is ‘Yes.’ Money makes us confident, and self-dependent and provides us happiness. Thus money plays an important and indispensable role in our lives. That is why it is said to never ignore the importance of money in our lives. Here money is a good servant. But, what we have to remember is, that money is not everything, don’t consider money as the most important purpose of life.

Money has a great resemblance to fire. It has a lot of uses as well as dangers. If the fire is under our control, it is very useful. But if it goes beyond, it may be very dangerous. This is exactly true with money also. Money is good when man remains the master. He decides how to get the money and how to spend it or what to do with money. If money is under your control, money follows your orders.

Money becomes highly dangerous when it acts as the master and the man is reduced to the position of a slave. In such a situation money can lead to the deterioration of moral values. What is happening here is, it is not the man who took decisions but money. If money has become your master, it will motivate an officer to take a bribe, a police officer may make the wrong decision, and sometimes a judge may give freedom to a criminal. In such situations, money will be considered more important than moral values.

When money takes control over a man it starts destroying him. One perfect example is gambling. Those who have gambling addiction or gambling behavior gradually lose all their control and may demerit themselves to the position of animals and will do anything for their selfish motives. The attitude we need to have towards money is always a complicated one. Don’t become the slave of money, remember Money is a good servant, but a bad Master.

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