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Expanded Proverbs

1 A Bad Workman Blames His Tools

2 Well Begun is Half Done

A Bad Workman Blames His Tools

It is very difficult to find an excellent and accurate human being here in this world. Not very difficult, but almost impossible because one way or another everyone has some limitations or a trait of weakness in their character. Here arises a question, then how do some people become successful in their life. The question is reasonable. If you met a successful person in life, it is not because he doesn’t do anything wrong but he learns from mistakes and tries not to repeat them anymore. How many of you have noticed the work of a blacksmith? In order to make tools, he keeps the iron piece on fire till it turns hot red. After that, he blows hard on it with a hammer so that it is shaped accordingly.

He has to blow the iron piece when it is hot. If the iron becomes cold, there is no use in striking on it. If it does not change into the shape he desires, it is neither the fault of the hammer nor the iron piece.  If things go wrong, we blame the tool. Why do we blame others? We have a tendency to attribute all our faults and failures to the circumstances or the people associated with us. Many of us are well in playing the ‘blame game’ and pointing our fingers at others or circumstances. By playing this game we are making someone else take responsibility for our fault. Actually, we are avoiding some truth about ours and escaping from reality.

 If you are a student, study well, don’t postpone. Otherwise, finally, it becomes your trait and you fail miserably in the examination. You become invalid, only misery and regrets are waiting. No need to blame your teachers or question papers. Since all these are true, here we have to answer the questions, what to do? How to overcome these problems?  We must do things at the right time. We have to keep the motto, Do it now and follow it. Though it is easy to place the blame on someone or something, we have to courageously take up the responsibility of our own actions, to break the chain of long failures.

 Well Begun is Half Done

Success naturally comes to any enterprise or person who has given much importance to its beginning or foundation. The starting of all things is of great relevance because its future greatly depends upon its beginning or foundation. Sometimes you may think that what is wrong with a weak foundation? Is not a weak foundation better than nothing? No certainly not. A strong foundation or well beginning is half done.

Whatever may be your field; business, agriculture, games, education, the importance of ‘well beginning’ is generally recognized. For example, in games, if the beginning is good it could motivate the entire team to make use of all their talents to reach the top. In team games like cricket, the openers have a great responsibility on their shoulders because their opening is the foundation of that play on which other coming members could build it.

While constructing a building, we all know that the most important part of the building is its foundation. A good architect who knows the importance of beginning applies his greatest attention to the foundation. If the foundation is not right, construction will be almost impossible. If it has a strong foundation, nothing could do against it: for it was founded upon a strong foundation. Therefore, it is very important to cultivate a rock-like foundation and welcome virtues in the long run.

 There is a story that a wise man built his house on a strong foundation. It withstood all the storms and opposing situations. Whereas a house built on sand gets easily destroyed because of its weak foundation.

If you are a student, you should have a formidable basis in learning, especially to learn English and Mathematics. Learning these subjects is not an easy process. You have to learn it step by step with a good foundation. It will be easy when pursued regularly, sincerely, and with diligence. Otherwise, how much hard work and struggle you put forth, the result will be minimal.

If the beginning is not good or it is a failure, it may fill the mind with negative thoughts and it may become difficult for us to keep in high spirits. Likewise, if we are trying to overcome our bad habits, in the initial stage it requires a great effort to conquer our temptation.

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