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An Ideal Teacher –The Teacher that has influenced me most

An Ideal Teacher –The Teacher that has influenced me most

Knowledge is a virtue. Without any doubt, we can say that teaching is a noble profession because the future of a nation is safe in the hands of teachers, as they produce educated and disciplined citizens of tomorrow. Since ancient times teachers have been respected in all civilizations.

 Does the new generation of children respect their teachers? yes, they do, will they obey them? Absolutely. Do they depend on them in the same form as the old generation children do? No, they don’t. The world is changing day by day. Traditional education was very far from the use of digital devices.

 Some years ago our education was based on only books and lectures but today the influence of science can be seen in the education sector also. Many scholars, educationalists, and social reformers believe that every generation needs its own method of teaching.

It should be emphasized that an ideal teacher’s attitude towards his students should be one of love and kindness. An ideal teacher should not be a terror to his students but gently persuade them to study and to be disciplined. Otherwise, they may not be close to their teachers and the result is that there will be no intimacy between the students and their teachers.

Education is not just teaching. An ideal teacher is fully conscious of his noble responsibilities other than teaching. A teacher has to teach the students the art of living as decent, disciplined, and mannered persons. He not only teaches the lessons but shapes the character of his students.

According to Plato, an ideal teacher is the doctor of mind. In addition to teaching the lessons, the cleansing of the mind is also the main objective of every teacher. He removes the ignorance from the minds of his students and fills them with knowledge. 

Some children’s psychology is very difficult to understand and manage, to make them disciplined, an ideal teacher needs tactful dealings. They should be corrected gradually with patience and love. But not spoil them by showing excessive love. In my opinion, an ideal teacher must pursue his profession in a dedicated manner and teach the virtues of truth and justice with the spirit of a missionary.


My Favorite Teacher


With excellent academic knowledge and years of teaching experience to his credit, Mr. Chidambaram is not only a teacher but a guide and friend to us students. I may say that Chidambaram Sir, a gem of teachers, was not a teacher who just taught Science lessons but a great inspiration for all of us not just through his teachings but through the love, kindness, and noble responsibilities of a good teacher.

Some teachers think that they should be strict with their students but love and kindness are the watchwords of Chidambaram Sir when dealing with his students. Though he is respected and loved just like the father of the students, there is strict discipline in the class. Even the naughty ones never dare to create any problems in his class.

His method of teaching is very good and he has a special skill to transfer his knowledge to students. His words of inspiration are a great encouragement to us, he inspired us that we should have a goal in life and achieve it with hard work. Mr. Chidambaram is definitely a good teacher who made me dream of a great future. It is only because of him I made my decision to become a scientist.

He is always regular and punctual in his classes, he comes to class well prepared and not to kill the time. He never discriminates among his students. He always wears neat but simple clothes and this simplicity is his hallmark. He has won the hearts of students and parents because of his good nature, excellent qualities, and vast knowledge. Even our principal and other teachers give him respect and love. 

I have met many teachers during my 10 years of studies in school. Most of them influenced me by their vast knowledge, teaching style, and personal qualities. I respect all my teachers and will never forget them who have been teaching me for so many years. I think every teacher has the privilege to be respected by the students and every student has the privilege to be liked by their teachers.

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