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Work is Worship

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The fulfillment of duties is also worship

The purpose of this proverb is not to mock the various forms of religious worship. Religions are not being mocked in this proverb. On the other hand, it wants to highlight the importance of doing one's duty as perfectly as possible as a way to worship God. Life is not always rosy. Man must earn his bread by sweating. One cannot achieve anything in life unless he works hard. All of us tend to think of worship as a part of our daily routine and set aside a specific time for prayer. As a rule, we think of daily life as separate from spiritual life. There is a misconception that getting in touch with Him can only be accomplished through prayer. Swami Vivekananda said that service to humans is service to God.

Do your duty that is your worship

It is thus possible to worship life itself. As a result, we can live in this world and perform with our thoughts anchored in Him instead of thinking that we should only worship in temples, churches, and mosques. To pray, do not neglect responsibilities and worldly duties. The little things we do every day are as important as remembering Him. All our actions become worship when we dedicate them to the Supreme. Almost all of us have a prayer room in our home where we pray and perform rituals in front of deities. We keep that room cleaner and neater than the others.  Nevertheless, why not extend the concept and make the whole home as peaceful and clean as a temple? All of our actions become worship when we see God in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities.

Turn your whole life into worship

If one is going up and down the chapels one by one without fulfilling one's responsibilities, it is not a prayer. Respect family members and those around you by not ignoring them. Have fun with your children if they want to go on an outing or picnic. It is not wrong to watch TV shows or films that are kept on top of the latest news and exposed to good cultures and values. When we feel God's presence in our actions, and when we express gratitude to Him, we will eliminate the ego. Similarly, we won't take credit for anything good, nor will we blame Him for anything that goes wrong. It is then we become instruments in the hands of God, so everything we do has a divine spirit, and it is a blessing to us and to others.

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Prayer alone is not enough 

Whether it's hair that falls out of our head, hair that is cut off, or nails that we cut off, if they separate from our body, then they're waste. In the same way, worship that is separate from and doesn't balance with ordinary life is also wasteful. Therefore, to worship the Lord, we do not have to give up our worldly duties. Instead, we should surrender our body, our wealth, and our status to Him. The act of attending temples, churches, or any other center of worship, indulging in rituals, and chanting prayers does not constitute real worship. Real worship is giving selflessly to others and being thankful and grateful to God. To serve, we need to begin at home, since our home is our 'ashram'. By caring for your family first and later, when it's appropriate, extending this care to those around you, you will become divine. In every sense, this is true worship. The gift of life is not something we asked for, but one that God has given us. By doing as much good for ourselves and others as we can, we can make this whole life worship.

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